China's urban smart grid should be born

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The strengthening of the smart grid has been written into this year's government work report, and there is no doubt about the need for smart grids. The development of smart power grids is an international trend that is closely linked to the development of a low-carbon economy, according to a number of deputies to the NPC and CPPCC. The comprehensive construction of smart grid will revolutionize the fields of new energy and electric appliances. How to promote the construction of smart power grid has attracted more attention from the society.

The city of Beijing will build a world-class smart grid.
As the moving towards modern international metropolis in Beijing, predicts 2020, Beijing will reach 28 million kilowatts, the maximum load of power grid than doubled in 2009, a world-class city smart grid will be built.

Zhu changlin, member of the CPPCC national committee and general manager of Beijing electric power co.

Referred to the construction of the smart grid, the CPPCC national committee, Beijing electric power company general manager Zhu Changlin said, was held on May 21, 2009 international conference of the uhv transmission technology, state grid corporation released the smart grid development plan, and put forward to speed up the construction of high voltage network in backbone network frame, all levels of the grid coordinate development, information, automation, interaction characteristics of strong smart grid. According to measure, through the development of strong smart grid by 2020, a year in our country can reduce the coal consumption of 470 million tons of standard coal, 1.38 billion tons of carbon dioxide, to realize the goal of greenhouse gas emissions action has important strategic significance.

Multi-mesh integration will be achieved.
China's smart grid is based on the strong network frame, is supported by information communication platform, by means of intelligent control, including the power system of power generation, transmission, substation, power distribution and utilization and scheduling each link, covering all voltage grade, realize the height of the "power flow, information flow, business flow," the integration of fusion, is strong and reliable, clean and efficient environmental protection, transparent and open economy, the modernization of power grid friendly interaction. As the state grid corporation liu zhenya said: "the positive development of smart grid has become a new trend in the development of world power, strength is the basis of the smart grid, smart is the key to give full play to the role of strong power grid, the two complement each other, harmonious and unified."

Zhu changlin believes that a strong smart grid can promote the development of clean energy such as solar energy and wind power, improve the efficiency of power generation and reduce coal consumption. Improve power transmission efficiency, reduce transmission line loss power; To improve the power utilization efficiency of power customers and save the power consumption.

By 2020, the number of electric vehicles in China will reach 30 million, driven by smart grid technologies. The smart grid can guide customers to adjust the charging operation actively through the time-sharing price policy, and also can automatically adjust the charging operation of electric vehicles, thus ensuring the orderly charging of electric vehicles. With the final battery technology breakthrough and the completion of the smart grid, the electric car will end up as a mobile energy storage unit, fully become a part of the smart grid, play a major role to improve the efficiency of power grid operation.

Smart grid plays an important role in promoting the Internet of things and building smart cities, smart communities and smart families. With the construction of smart grid, it will form a complete and unified network covering both urban and rural areas, connecting all customers and all electrical equipment. And the Internet of things can in turn provide technical support for smart grid acquisition, perception, processing information and real-time state detection of power facilities.

Zhu stressed that with the implementation of smart grid power fiber, multi-network integration will be realized. Through the smart grid, can realize common access to the Internet, voice and video, the customer may at any time understand the family state of electricity consumption, the use of electrical appliances, electricity online query, and remote monitoring of household appliances. The smart grid also provides a technology platform for customers to use distributed power supply to realize grid-connected power generation. Customers are not only consumers of electric energy, but also the providers of electricity.

Urban smart grids should be born.
Zhu Changlin said, according to the overall deployment of state grid company, Beijing company is in accordance with the "overall planning and unified standard, the pilot, the whole advancement" work principle, strive to make with characteristic of capital super-large city high reliable and intelligent power grid. One is the key to carry out and complete the company issued to Beijing national power grid, a series of smart grid pilot project construction, the pilot project will strive to build domestic leading level, to sum up the experiences of the pilot project construction and improve the related technical standard; The second is to fully combine the actual characteristics of the Beijing power grid to promote the construction of intelligent power grid with the goal of improving the safe and stable operation and control level of the Beijing power grid.