The Chinese characteristics of the smart grid

2010/9/26 16:52:12  view Category:Industry News

        Over the past year, we have experienced a lot of enthusiasm, and we have experienced the concept challenge. The smart grid has been gradually implemented in the technology research and development platform and product line of all major equipment manufacturers in China. It has been proved that the construction of smart grid is in line with China's national conditions.

        At present, there are some outstanding problems in China's power grid: the power supply is insufficient to meet the requirement of large-scale access to power grid. The technical means and models of circuit inspection, evaluation and decision making are not perfect. The network frame structure is relatively weak; The lack of reliable, economical and practical means of communication with the power grid is insufficient to support public users.

        To solve these problems, we need to rely on the construction of smart grid. The smart grid can ensure the safe and stable operation of the power grid, so that more new energy will be connected to the Internet. At the same time, relying on flexible ac power transmission technology to further improve the safe operation level of the power grid; The efficiency of energy use can be effectively improved by optimizing demand side management. In short, is to get the "flow" and "power flow" effective combination and parallel development, advanced communications and network technology will become an important part of power system, they will be smart devices and optimization algorithm with the help of the realization of the function of the power system.

        Grid, for example, managers can through the use of sensors, meter, digital control and analysis tools, automatic monitoring, optimization of networks performance, to prevent power outages, more quickly restore power, consumers of electricity use management can also be refined to each network device, so as to improve the comprehensive efficiency of the grid. For example, compared with the traditional power grid, smart grid can occur more quickly of man-made or natural disturbance recognition and response, so that the natural disasters, external force damage, and computer attacks under different conditions to ensure the personal, equipment and the safety of power grid. In addition, the smart grid can optimize resource allocation, transmission capacity and improve equipment utilization, with the aid of advanced sensors and automatic control technology, timely schedule between different regions, to balance the power supply. In addition, the smart grid has strong compatibility, supporting access to renewable energy and large-scale applications.

        China's smart grid construction should not copy the mature practice of Europe and the United States, but according to the national conditions, stress priorities.

        The difference of power grid pattern determines that the key development field of smart grid in China should be different from that in Europe and America. The grid pattern of developed countries such as the United States and Europe has been basically stable, and the load growth is small. The research and application of smart power grid are mainly focused on distribution and power consumption. Grid pattern will be rapid development in our country, the load is growing rapidly, the grid construction also in rapid development, therefore, in terms of research and application of the smart grid, should be around to the safe operation of the grid, reliable, economic, self-healing and other requirements to carry out intelligent technology research, at this stage should focus on the grid intelligent field.

        The different distribution of renewable energy also makes the system access different. The European natural gas pipeline network is developed, the wind energy resources are convenient, and the distributed generation is developed vigorously, as the main renewable energy access mode in the smart grid. Concentration of wind energy, solar energy resources in China, mainly distributed in remote areas of power grid in our country, therefore, cannot be fully USES the overseas development pattern, but should be development the large capacity, renewable energy over a long distance transmission, comprehensive consideration of fire and water, water, wind, above combined with transmission way, at the same time should strengthen the research and application of energy storage technology.

        The key to smart grid construction is to have a "brain" in the power grid and a powerful nerve center, where the ability to interact is the most critical. This requires the construction of a coherent electronic transport protocol and a standard framework.

        The construction of smart grid has a process: first, communication technology, IT, and application of measurement and sensing technology, which is the premise and foundation of smart grid; Then it is the use of control equipment and control software. Therefore, the first to benefit from the capital market should be the communication and IT industry related to the smart grid, and the next will be the benefit of the power electronics industry.

        Associated with the smart grid communications, IT technology mainly includes: support for software development of smart grid, smart grid information acquisition system, intelligent application integration system and integrated display system, etc., to benefit the company including donghua software, the Great Wall development, electronic lu, etc.; The company that is related to the power electronic technology mainly has the following electric, guodian nan rui and rongxin shares.