SENGENUITY company has a technical exchange with our company

2010/8/27 13:34:32  view Category:Company News

In August 26th, semio technology with SENGENUITY company on wireless passive temperature measurement products for the business and technical exchanges.

SENGENUITY is a manufacturer of SAW sensors. Since the two sides in April 2010 to establish relations of cooperation, the company after nearly six months of research and investment, SAW sensor products of SENGENUITY for the localization of research and development work, forming a temperature monitoring solution, and solves the switchgear temperature monitoring and SCADA power system communication interface through practical problems with power companies. The next stage, Saikang company will continue research and development work in the cable, power plant equipment, power distribution equipment, temperature field, a series of products formed in the passive wireless temperature sensor of the electric power industry.

In the conference, Saikang reported research status quo of passive wireless temperature measurement system, and product sales and marketing. The two sides also discussed the problems existing in the current product sales process and the next step of cooperation planning. In addition, Dr. ANDLE of SENGENUITY company as technical guidance and communication of technical personnel saikang.

Through this exchange, both sides firmly believe that there will be better cooperation and development in the future.